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What is CBT - basic vicious cycle


STOPP - the short version


NOW: Mindfulness Exercise - the short version


APPLE: Mindful Response to Thoughts - the short version


The Court Case - short version


THINK: Thought Challenging - the short version


SEEK LIFT Positive Steps to Wellbeing - the short version


The Battery: LIFT vs DROP Activities - the short version


FACE Fear and Avoidance - short version


Fact or Opinion - the short version


Find Meaning: Live a Life of Purpose - the short version


SHARP Specs: Noticing the Positives - the short version


ACE: Achieve, Connect, Enjoy - short version!


STOPP - longer version


Neuroplasticity (by Sentis)


Emotions and the Brain (by Sentis)


NOW:  Mindfulness for Busy People - longer version



SEEK LIFT:  Positive Steps to Wellbeing - longer version


The Battery:  LIFT vs DROP activities - longer version



THINK  - longer version


FACE Fear and Avoidance  - longer version


FACT or OPINION?  - longer version


FIND MEANING - longer version


CBT Vicious Cycles



ACE Activity  - longer version


SHARP Specs - Notice the Positives - longer version


The Court Case:  Thought Challenging - longer version


APPLE: A Mindful Response to Thoughts - longer version











Generalised Anxiety Disorder and Worry



Health Anxiety












Social Anxiety






De-Stress NOW  -  using STOPP



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