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Online & Computerised CBT (external links)

These websites have no connection with me and I am not personally recommending them, but simply searched for and found them online.

Also see  CBT Smartphone Apps


Online CBT Tools

  • MindQuire  Free online CBT exercises
  • Fun activities to help improve your mental health (some free content)
  • MoodScope Free online mood tracker (can share data with other eg. professional)
  • MoodPanda Free online mood tracker - web browser or iPhone
  • MoodTracker Free online mood tracker  (can share data with other eg. professional)
  • Healthy Place Journal Free online mood tracker  (can send alert to other eg. professional)
  • MoodJournal Free online mood tracker   - web browser, iPhone or Android (can share data with other eg. professional)
  • Work Guru - managing work related stress


Online Support Communities


Online / Computerised CBT

Also see  CBT Smartphone Apps


THE DECIDER SKILLS FOR SELF HELP ONLINE COURSE: Effective, evidence-based skills for mental health and wellbeing


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