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How to cope with the end of year holiday season


It gets everywhere! On television and radio, in shops, newspapers and magazines, on the internet and even all the outdoor decorations. We can’t escape it. The holidays are coming!

It seems that everyone else has a wonderful family time…. except me?

Fact Or Opinion?

Perhaps a minority of people are fortunate enough to have a lovely family time. The majority have some good family times mixed with quite a lot of work, stress and financial burden.

Family stresses can be greatly exaggerated and become intolerable over the holiday period when everyone is forced to spend time together, trying to keep things cheerful. For others, it is a very lonely time.

A reminder that we are alone, out of contact with, or without family. If we have friends, then they will probably be spending time with their families and have little spare time for us.

Everything seems to be closed on the day itself: shops, libraries, cafes and all other meeting points or places where we might be in contact with others.

So what can we do? How can we get through this time? Maybe even change things so that we can feel better about it.

If we change the way we think about it, or change what we do – then we will change the way we feel. If we carry on thinking and doing what we’ve always done, then nothing will change and we will have a miserable holiday time.

Use the examples to decide how you can make things better.

A typical depressed and lonely vicious cycle


Alternative cycle:



Vicious Cycle Of Depression
- video

A typical stressed vicious cycle


Alternative cycle:


Vicious Cycle of Stress
- video


My alternative cycle:

How can I think differently?

What can I do differently?

How will I feel if I think/act differently?

Holidays - this page as PDF

Self Help

Mental Health at Christmas - Mind video


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