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  • MindQuire  Free online CBT exercises

  •  Fun activities to help improve your mental health (some free content)

  • MoodScope  Free online mood tracker (can share data with other eg. professional)

  • MoodPanda  Free online mood tracker - web browser or iPhone

  • MoodTracker  Free online mood tracker  (can share data with other eg. professional)

  • Healthy Place Journal  Free online mood tracker  (can send alerts to other eg. professional)

  • MoodJournal   Free online mood tracker   - web browser, iPhone or Android (can share data with other eg. professional)


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Apps for Smart Phones   (free or pay items)

If unable to download from the website link, go to your phone's marketplace/store and search for the title

  iPhone, iTouch, iPad etc  Android








* my recommendations for free Android apps

(I use Android so I've downloaded and tested a few)


 Windows phone 7   Blackberry




Let me know if you find any more CBT or relevant smart phone apps - especially for Windows or Blackberry phones



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