Stop Smoking

We all know how unhealthy smoking is - for us and for others, particularly our loved ones.   The warnings on the cigarette packets, the island ban on smoking in public places, the media attention - everything and everyone tells us to stop. 

They make it sound so easy. 

Maybe you've tried several times before, without success. 

Maybe willpower and cold turkey.

Maybe the nicotine replacement therapies.

Hypnotherapy offers you another way.


If you do need more information about smoking - see Smoking Facts

Smoking causes damage in minutes


The aim of using hypnosis is to make it easier (usually a lot easier) to stop than you would normally expect.  The side effects often experienced when stopping smoking (cravings, becoming irritable or substituting) are minimised and often eradicated completely.  All you have to do is put a bit of effort into stopping and leave the hypnosis to do the rest.


How does it work?

Using post-hypnotic suggestions, we can re-programme the inner mind so that you begin to believe that you are a non-smoker.  We offer Smoking Cessation Hypnotherapy in one session.  However, we will send you information prior to your appointment, with advice on what to do in preparation to becoming a non-smoker.  During your hypnotherapy session, which will last approximately one hour, you allow yourself to relax whilst very powerful suggestions are "implanted" into the mind.  Various effective techniques are used to reinforce the suggestions, and the power of your imagination is also utilised to create a deep response inside you.  You will be provided with a personalised hypnotherapy CD recording, and advised to use it for 30 minutes per day, for at least 3 weeks, which will reinforce the therapeutic effect. 

You could find it much easier to stop than you imagine could be possible.


Safety Net

It's unlikely you'll need a further session, but a few people find it helpful to return and have a booster session.


One person dies in the UK every five minutes from smoking-related diseases.  So, if you're seriously thinking about becoming a non-smoker, don't delay.  Remember that smoking is a health depriving, financially damaging, smelly, anti-social habit which has absolutely NO positive effects.  Smoking Facts

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